About the Author

Kelly Jones


Born and raised in Ohio, Kelly Jones moved to Texas at 17. Though she has worked in the field of Ophthalmology most of her adult life, she has realized that writing for children is her true passion.

Her Adventure Tree series is about more than entertaining children.  It is about helping kids deal with everyday experiences; from fear to meeting new people, learning to be kind and not judgmental. It's about doing what's right and the wonderful feelings we experience when you help others.

  "I was raised with the idea of ‘you worry about you, and I'll worry about me.’  But in these times, kids need to feel like, ‘I'll worry about me and you too.’ The idea of donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book came when I was writing the book.  I felt if I was writing for children, I should give something to them. My ultimate goal for my books is to become a cartoon series."

  "The stories come from my own imagination with the help of my husband Scott, an invaluable resource in the birth of this series."

"I have also been fortunate enough to find an exceptional illustrator, who happens to live right next door, my mother Tina".

  The Adventure Tree series will have no limits on where their adventures will take them.  It can be enjoyed by children from every race and religion.  "That is my main goal, to make sure that the people the kids help are from every walk of life.  I want children to feel that they are as much a part of the adventures as Willow and Zak".

  Kelly has been married for twenty five years to her husband Scott and they have two grown children, Caitlin and Ryan. They reside in the Houston, Texas area.

I'd love to hear from you. Please email me at: kelly@THEADVENTURETREE.COM